Our Philosophy

We are the keepers of the land: our role is to preserve, improve and develop the “terroir” we received.

We are committed to manage every step in a sustainable way, with natural, environmentally friendly practices, both in the vineyard and the winery.

We want people to experience our land, through its wines, its people, its landscapes and traditions.

Our aim is to offer the purest and most compelling expression of the Timorasso Grape variety.

Through trial and error, we work every day to improve our wines!

We want to offer consumers a new vision of regionality and of our flagship unique grape, Timorasso, which is part of the true Piemontese and Italian heritage.


We are deeply embedded in the Hills of Tortona DOC and we are proud to revive forgotten traditions and ways of handling grapes. We want our region to be known as the cradle of unique wines and experience.


Our values translate our intimate convictions:

Search for excellence trough an obsessive attention to detail, express the uniqueness of the grape variety potential through Natural farming and a very limited cellar intervention with the aim to offering a

truly experience of our “terroir” who lives in the glass.


The vintage effect is strongly marked in our region, making that not all wines will evolve in the same way over time. Considering this, we have taken the decision to release only vintages that are ready to drink. This means that we will not necessarily follow the chronological order in the presentation of our wines.